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Pisces Horoscope: May 2014

Family matters

There might be an extra buzz around your home life this month. Perhaps you'll receive news that family from out of town is coming to visit. Or, it's possible you'll be hosting a family reunion or some other type of event that includes your clan. Whatever the case, the good news is you'll have a positive boost in communications matters with relatives.

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Use this edge between May 7-29 to make important domestic decisions, or just to catch up with someone in your tribe you feel you have been out of touch with lately. The only day to watch out for when it comes to communication is May 11. You might appear spacey to someone at home. If your head really is in the clouds, it'll be unwise to make important decisions on this day.

A Full Moon on May 14 might bring the end to a long, drawn-out legal situation you've been embroiled in. You may also finish up an educational pursuit. If there's a major final exam in store for you, or if you must defend your thesis to a mentor, you'll find that you're held to very high standards now. Don't worry -- you can meet them!

After May 19, Mars turns direct and you'll have the ability to pursue investment opportunities that may have been stalled since March 1. A New Moon on May 28 will be optimal to consider putting your house on the market or relocating.

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