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Scorpio Horoscope: May 2014

Trust your gut

You may have plenty of investment ideas after May 7 and until May 29. While you'll want to avoid committing to any risk with your money on May 11, other than that the month looks promising in this area. As a matter of fact, a New Moon on May 28 will be your best time to initiate whatever it is you'll spend the month researching.

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On May 14, a Full Moon in your sign will have you focused more on your feelings and less on your rational mind. Pay special attention to your gut instincts now because they are sure to be strong. You may feel more self-protective than usual, with a need to block yourself from unwanted social attention. If this is the case you'll want to honor it -- just make sure you're not avoiding any necessary connections out of fear or insecurity.

There's major news on May 19, when Mars turns direct. Mars has been traveling retrograde in the most hidden area of your chart since March 1. You may have felt particularly frustrated at not being able to push ahead in any projects or personal endeavors. What's more, however, is that with this retrograde you might have grappled with the annoyance of other people not being able to see your strength and fortitude. You may have worried you were being perceived unfairly as weak, or even ineffective. Now that stage is over, and you'll soon be back to your usual self -- moving mountains and anything else that gets in your way!

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