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Scorpio Career Horoscope for May 2014

Take control

Getting more control of professional relationships is on your agenda this month. Learning how to motivate stubborn people, and how to stay calm when you're feeling pushed, are keys to staying on the right track in your work. You could attract some experienced allies who appreciate your abilities, provide material support, and gently encourage you to be more straightforward about setting and pursuing your goals.

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Progress may come slowly while your traditional ruling planet Mars is still retrograde, though. Its backward period doesn't end until May 19, and then it will take a couple of weeks for the warrior planet to get back up to speed. This transit occurs in your obscure 12th House of Privacy, where working behind the scenes and quietly patching up relationships is called for.

Yet staying cool might not be easy around the Scorpio Full Moon of May 14. This emotionally-charged event lights up your 1st House of Personality, bringing strong feelings to the surface. If you have a place to express yourself passionately, this can empower you, but if you don't it's a signal to change some habits. You will grow by letting go of attitudes and approaches that aren't fulfilling your needs. But for now, be patient with slow-moving Saturn's conjunction to the Full Moon requiring discipline and determination.

Renegotiating agreements and expectations with others comes with the Sun's entry into flexible Gemini and your 8th House on May 20. Changing your mind and asking someone else to consider changing theirs is totally appropriate during the coming 30 days.

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