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Scorpio Love Horoscope for May 2014

Cut the deadwood

Your love life will be back on the radar of "interesting" again this month, thanks to an infusion of new astrological energy. It all begins on May 14, when a Full Moon in your sign signals an emotional shift. You might be ready to let go of the dead wood in your life, and in some cases this will include a relationship. In many instances, however, this is more about you personally and an inner shift you'll feel that'll allow you to take pursuing your goals more seriously. This includes your goals in relationship.

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You may have spent the last several months recalibrating how you direct your energy in partnership matters. True, most of this has been happening behind the scenes, and your mate might not even be aware that change is coming. But it is. As early as May 19, you'll stop ignoring the inevitable shift that needs to happen. Mars turns direct on this day after having been retrograde since March 1. Because Mars is your co-ruler and has been moving retrograde in relationship Libra, this is vital for you and your alliances.

The trouble is that Mars will still be in your most private 12th house until the end of July. That suggests you have a bit more work to do before you're ready to go after what you really want. Consider marriage or couple's counseling now if a relationship is floundering. The uncertainty of whether or not this would help will go away after May 19. You'll be ready to try now.

Then, on May 28, Venus will move into your partnership sector, adding even more potential for harmony in love. You may choose to commit to someone you've been dating in a special way. You'll have this influence supporting your efforts to maintain peace in a relationship until June 23.

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