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Taurus Horoscope: May 2014

Here comes the money, honey

Don't be surprised if your month begins with incredibly encouraging news. You might tie up a magnificent negotiation or contractual agreement near May 6, and if so it'll be one that benefits you financially and in communications matters. On May 7, your mind will focus sharply on money matters, and until May 29 you may spend time assessing income versus expenses in order to create a cleverer budget. You might also flesh out an idea to incorporate a new revenue stream into your financial bag of tricks. It'll work out nicely!

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If you feel your partner in business or in your personal life is holding you back, things may become tense near the Full Moon on May 14. A secret might be revealed that leads to you losing faith in this alliance. Or, it's also possible that you might begin to feel that the relationship is more work than it's worth.

On May 19, Mars turns direct in your work and health sector, and you'll finally feel as if you can make progress again with an important assignment. You'll also have the cosmic green light to integrate whatever the universe taught you since March 1 about revising your personal strategies to achieve wellness. Just do it!

By month's end, anticipate an extra positive financial boost. Money is coming your way.

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