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Taurus Career Horoscope for May 2014


This is a complicated period, with contrasting trends that require you to be more adaptable than usual. The Sun in your sign until May 20 should boost self-confidence, but the reactions of others might not match your sense of worth. That's because Taurus' ruling planet, Venus, races into impatient Aries and your 12th House of Obscurity on May 2. You might be able to get attention, but keeping it could be challenging with this transit.

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But if you make connections discreetly in private or quietly support others when they need your help, you can gain a long-term ally. It's natural if Venus in Aries provokes some restlessness and boredom on the job, so allowing your imagination to wander is appropriate.

Financial and resource issues come on strong in the middle of the month, starting with the Scorpio Full Moon on May 14. This lunar opposition to your steady Sun sign could provoke fear of loss, but it's really meant to help you clarify your priorities. Cutting out plans and activities that aren't materially or emotionally profitable enough may not be easy, but could be exactly the kind of purging you need to make room for something better.

Venus is also tangled with Scorpio's ruler Pluto that day, and with wild and crazy Uranus the next. Weird feelings and breakdowns in working relationships are possible. Keep your cool if emotions are stirred, unless you're willing to push things over the edge. Innovation and finding hidden sources of support are potential positives, though. Venus' shift into Taurus on May 28 leads to more comfort next month.

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