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Taurus Love Horoscope for May 2014

Weathering the storm

There's a certain amount of intensity in partnership matters for you this month. Love planet Venus continues to travel through the most private area of your chart until May 28. During this time you may grapple with feelings of unrequited love that you still harbor for someone. If this is the case, you may want to ask yourself why you focus so much energy on a love you can't have. Are you trying to convince yourself that somehow, things will magically change? Remember, Taurus, what is meant to be yours will not pass you by. At the same time, however, if your chance with this person has passed, it might be time to face the facts and move on.

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Lucky for you, Venus will enter your sign from May 28 until June 23. This will be an incredible time for you personally and in matters of the heart. Not only will you look and feel your best, but your magnetic quotient will be off the charts! This will allow single Taureans to attract someone new quite easily. In fact, you may have more than one suitor.

A Full Moon on May 14 will be quite significant for the Taurus in a relationship or marriage. You might become aware of a serious responsibility you have to your mate. This weighty obligation may not be easy to meet, but you've made a commitment to at least try. If you and your partner have been going through a difficult time, the seriousness of the situation may now become impossible to ignore. You'll need to decide whether or not this is a storm you can weather together.

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