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Virgo Horoscope: May 2014

Your lucky break

Communicating with your boss or other authority figures connected to your career will be a snap this month. Starting on May 7, and lasting until May 29, you'll have Mercury in the area of your chart that rules your profession. Use this energy to schedule important meetings and conversations, or to negotiate agreements connected to your goals. If you've got a bright idea to pitch to your boss, you can be sure that you'll come across in a way that commands attention.

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On May 14, a Full Moon in your communication sector may bring finalization to one such contract or conversation. Any agreement made now will be long term thanks to the connection this lunation has to stable Saturn. Also, you may hear emotional news from a sibling. Be ready to lend support if necessary.

On May 19, Mars turns direct, and you'll find it easier to pursue money-making opportunities without feeling frustrated that you're spending money faster than it comes in. On May 24, a lucky break may come your way through your social connections. You'll be grateful.

Last but not least, a gorgeous New Moon in your career sector on May 28 will be your signal to apply for that promotion or to launch a new business endeavor. Success is yours!

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