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Virgo Career Horoscope for May 2014

Pushing limits

The month opens with the steady Taurus Sun in your farseeing 9th House of Travel, making this an excellent time to enrich your career through travel, education and a reassessment of your long-term goals. But even if you can't leave town, connecting with people in faraway places will probably be helpful to achieving your ambitions.

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What's so great about this solar transit, which lasts until May 20, is that it puts you on a very solid foundation that makes it safer to take risks. Aiming higher with your aspirations is supported by the learning, hard work and connections you are making now. This is a time to push the limits, as long as you take the necessary steps to reach your goal in a reliable and consistent manner.

On May 7, brainy Mercury, your ruling planet, enters diverse Gemini, where it will stimulate activity in your 10th House of Career until May 29. The good news is that information and ideas will circulate more freely, and your intelligence can shine in a variety of situations. However, you might also find yourself to be more scattered than you'd like, with diverse tasks pulling you in several directions. Be flexible enough to adapt to wearing different hats, but firm enough in your convictions to avoid losing focus.

The Sun's move into Gemini on May 20 also lights up your professional 10th House of Career, which can put you in a position of greater authority. But once again the question is whether taking on additional obligations will advance your interests or distract you from core issues that are more critical to your success.

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