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May 2015 Horoscope

Close to home

May begins on an intense note thanks to a Full Moon in Scorpio on May 3. This lunation will make some of us introspective and make others brood. Either way, the deeper, darker and most profound depths of emotions will be available for your consumption.

Then, on May 7, Venus enters Cancer where she'll remain until June 5. This will bring plenty of social fun at home. You might entertain more with relatives or around the house. Or, you might feel like making over a room, purchasing new furniture, paint or accessorize. This will be a great time to spend money on any domestic-related endeavor. In terms of romance, if your clan doesn't accept your sweetie, there could be trouble in paradise. If he or she is, then love will be everything you could ask for and more.

Mars enters Gemini on May 11, remaining there until June 24. During this time you'll feel motivated to pursue intellectual ventures more than usual. You might begin more than one communications-related or learning project during this time. One thing's for sure -- you'll have no problem "walking" your talk!

A New Moon in sensual Taurus on May 18 reminds us to get back to earth. Play in the mud, start your garden or spend time outdoors doing whatever makes you come alive. This will also be a great lunation to initiate a new money-making venture.

On the same day however, communication planet Mercury will turn retrograde in Gemini. Until June 11, hold off on new contracts or major decisions. Instead, spend time polishing up all loose ends having to do with any communications-related endeavor.

Key Astrology events to watch for this May include:

May 3: Full Moon in Scorpio

May 7: Venus in Cancer

May 11: Mars in Gemini

May 18: New Moon in Taurus

May 18: Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

May 21: Sun in Gemini

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