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May 2015 Love Horoscope

The spice of life

Get ready for a month filled with intensity, sensuality, and cozy romantic possibilities, along with just enough variety to keep it interesting. Sounds perfect, doesn't it? This month, it certainly can be.

It all begins with a profound Full Moon in Scorpio on May 3. Feelings run deep and the trick to making the most of this lunation is your willingness to be vulnerable, FEEL your feelings and then reveal them to someone special. This is the only way to achieve intimacy.

On May 7, love planet Venus enters Cancer adding to the theme of watery emotions. Until June 5, domestic comforts and emotional security will be important considerations in the love department. If your partner gets along with your clan, that will be a bonus but if there is strife then it might turn into a major problem. May 21 and May 25 are "red flag" days this month where anything can go wrong in your relationship. Do what you can to not add fuel to any fire. Remember that you and your mate are likely to be extra hypersensitive.

On May 11, Mars enters Gemini where he'll remain until June 24. The planet that rules sex will take a decidedly cerebral turn. What does that mean? It'll take more than a little physical flirtation for you to get your groove on. That's right -- you need mental stimulation. Make sure your partner knows and acts accordingly! PS: This might be easier said than done, since Mercury turns retrograde on May 18 along with a New Moon in sensual Taurus which demands physical presence. Do your best.

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