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Aries Love Horoscope for May 2015

Facing your fears

Are you ready to go deeper than you ever have with your lover? Well, ready or not, the Full Moon on May 3 plans on taking you there. Get ready to confront whatever situation about truly melding with another soul brings up for you. Whether it's the fear of losing control, being betrayed or just opening up emotionally, now is the time when your true feelings will be out in the open. Why not use this energy for some healing in the intimacy department?

If you recently started dating someone, you might feel more and more like it's time to meet the family. After May 7, this urge will be strong but if possible, time it as close to May 16 as possible. Avoid May 21 and 25! On those days, you may want to make love but might end up making war. Ouch!

Communication gets dicey between May 18 and June 11 thanks to Mercury turning retrograde in your 3rd House of Communication. Your ruler, Mars, will also be in the same area of your chart, urging you to speak before you think. The trouble is, once Mercury turns retrograde, you're likely to notice that doing this gets you into real trouble. In matters of the heart, you're better off saving important conversations and decisions until later next month. You'll be glad you did. Instead, why not use this month's energy to focus on your listening skills? Admit it; you could use a boost in that area.

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