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Cancer Horoscope: May 2015

All over the board

This month begins with a profound development in your love life, a creative project, or with one of your children, near May 3. While it could be emotionally-charged, at the same time there is a great chance for illumination and fulfillment connected to one or more of these arenas. Pay attention to what develops and be emotionally available.

After May 7 and until June 5, you can expect a boost in your appearance and overall level of physical confidence thanks to Venus moving into your sign. This will be a wonderful time to consider ways you've always wanted to spruce up your look. A new hairstyle, wardrobe -- even a cosmetic procedure -- will all leave you feeling more attractive. Even if you don't do anything, you'll give off a vibe of magnetism that others will find captivating. Expect this to do wonders for your love life!

Mars moves into your 12th House of Privacy from May 11 and June 24, urging you to take your muscle within and cultivate inner strength. Then, on May 18, Mercury turns retrograde, waking up old memories or patterns of the past you'll need to work through. In addition, a New Moon will fall in your 11th House of Friendship, opening up the potential for a development in the life of a close pal.