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Cancer Love Horoscope for May 2015

You've got the edge

A Full Moon in your 5th House of Romance on May 3 will certainly keep you focused on matters of the heart. You might have been casually dating someone up until now, only to realize that your feelings have grown into something much deeper than you anticipated. Lucky for you, this supportive lunation will help you open up emotionally and discover what the future really holds for this affair.

Your love life will become even more promising after May 7 when Venus enters your sign for her annual visit. Until June 5 you'll have an incredible edge in all relationship matters since this instantly lifts your confidence and magnetism. Plus, your physical appearance will enjoy a boost as well, so go ahead and indulge in whatever makes you feel more beautiful. That can be anything from a new wardrobe to a little nip/tuck. You decide!

One day to circle on your calendar for amazing love potential is May 16. This is when Venus embraces dreamy Neptune for a stunning fairy tale romance kind of day. You might feel as if you've fallen in the arms of a true soul mate. Wow!

If you're in a relationship, May 21 could be tricky. Venus in your sign will oppose Pluto, the planet of intensity, now in 7th House of Partnership. A power struggle with your mate is possible, so do your best to take the high road. If you don't engage, it will quickly lose steam.

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