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Capricorn Horoscope: May 2015

Between you and me

You might feel extra sensitive about a situation between you and a pal near May 3. Do your best to work through whatever this is and recognize if you're overreacting. If so, you might want to distance yourself from your friend until you regain composure and perspective. In some cases however, there will be a truly unavoidable parting of ways between you and a social contact. This will only occur if the two of you have grown apart and if that's the case, allow things to end amicably.

From May 7 to June 5 you can anticipate an extra dose of harmony between you and your mate. If you're dating someone casually, this might be the time when you realize you're ready to go exclusive, move in together or even become engaged. Wow! This will also be an auspicious time to take on a new client or align yourself with a business partner.

Work becomes hectic, but also frazzled between May 11 and June 24. You'll have plenty of ambition and motivation to work through the most impossible deadlines but in your haste there is a strong chance you'll make careless errors. This will be most likely between May 18 and June 11, so be sure to review your work carefully and be patient if revisions are required.

If single, gorgeous prospects to meet someone new and fall in love will arrive after May 18.