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Gemini Horoscope: May 2015

Getting noticed

There might be emotionally-charged news at the office near May 3. Someone you work with might be fired or decide that it's time to move on to greener pastures. Another possibility is that you'll finish up a major project and feel great anxiety about presenting it to your boss. Don't worry -- it appears you've polished up this assignment to the max. You've nothing to be concerned about.

In fact, you'll be in an enviable position after May 7, and until June 5, when it comes to finances. If you've been wondering when the perfect time would be to ask your boss for a raise, keep your eye on May 16. At the very least, you'll feel extremely validated by a higher-up. He or she will especially appreciate your more imaginative qualities and how emotionally-attuned you are to your work.

Things get even better for you after May 11, and until June 24. During this time, you'll be a force to be reckoned with! Mars, the planet of action and assertive drive, will be in your sign -- a once-in-two-year event! Use this time to initiate any projects or endeavors that are important to you. You'll have all the stamina you'll need to ensure their success.

The only caveat to this is that after May 18 and until June 11, Mercury will also be retrograde in your sign. This won't cancel out the success potential but it will require you to be extra vigilant about how you communicate your thoughts and ideas to others. Leave wiggle room for error and extra time to rectify any mistakes. Be patient!