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Leo Horoscope: May 2015

Connecting with others

Changes on the home front are likely near May 3. You might finalize a move, or make a decision that will impact your clan. You may also hear emotional news from a relative, and if so, you'll need to be there for him or her and lend support. Most likely however, this will be a time where you're acutely aware of the bond between you and your family, as well as their limitations.

If you're in a relationship, after May 7 and until June 5 you might crave more time away from the rest of the world in order to enjoy your sweetheart in a more secluded environment. While this is unusual for your personality, at the same time, it might be well-advised now. Perhaps you and your love need to sort out a few things and if so, counseling will also be quite successful.

A friend might be impatient with you between May 11 and June 24. This might become such an issue that you end up quarreling with him or her over. There might be extra misunderstandings in your social life between May 18 and June 11. Alternatively, you might become quite passionate about a new humanitarian endeavor and if so, you'll work tirelessly to get things off the ground.

Career prospects will shine after May 18. For the two weeks after this date, do whatever you can to initiate professional-related endeavors.