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Leo Love Horoscope for May 2015

Behind closed doors

This month you'll likely begin to crave extra privacy when it comes to matters of the heart. On May 7 until June 5, Venus will tour your 12th House of Privacy. If you're in a relationship, you might yearn for more time alone with your sweetheart without any outside distractions. Consider scheduling a couple's spa retreat or vacation to a secluded destination where you can reconnect with each other. Not only will you nourish your love life; you'll also nurture your soul. In fact, connecting to your mate on a spiritual level will be more of a priority. You might notice that you're intuitively tapping into one another's thoughts or energy more than usual.

While it's true that unconditional love will be a major theme for you now, at the same time you're also learning more about healthy boundaries in love. If, for example, you're pining away over someone who is unavailable or who doesn't reciprocate your feelings, this might be a time for you to go deep within and confront why it is you're attracted to someone who is completely out of reach. Maybe on some level it's safe to love someone from afar because knowing it will never get real means you'll never really get hurt. Or, perhaps you've convinced yourself that you don't deserve real love. Either scenario is obviously not serving you and will need to be addressed. Consider therapy during this time to dig into any unresolved pain connected to love. Make a commitment to yourself to let go of it once and for all.

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