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Sagittarius Love Horoscope for May 2015

Trust and tension

Your capacity to relate will stretch in a remarkable way this month -- if you're willing to do the work. Between May 7 and June 5 you may notice a greater sense of harmony with your partner when it comes to finances. This includes making long-term financial decisions together as well as budgeting matters. Your spouse or partner may also receive a boost in his or her income, much to your delight.

You'll feel extra motivated to explore the psycho-sexual side of your relationship this month and fortunately, this is an area in which the two of you can make great strides. Trusting one another enough to reveal your body and soul in its most vulnerable moments is never easy. This month however, you'll excel at this.

On May 11 Mars, the planet of motivation, will enter your 7th House of Partnership and remain there until June 24. You'll have plenty of courage to fight for your relationship during this time. On the flip side however, you may also have too much of a desire to stir the pot with your mate and create arguments for no reason at all. Use this Martian boost for the first option as much as possible.

Still, it might not be easy. On May 18, Mercury will turn retrograde in 7th house! Until June 11, there may be more than a few hiccups in communication with your mate. At least the universe is giving you plenty of chances to get your relationship right. You're likely to resolve an important situation that you couldn't agree on in the past. That's progress!

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