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Taurus Love Horoscope for May 2015

Becoming aware

There's a definite focus on relationship matters early this month. On May 3, a Full Moon in your 7th House of Partnership demands attention. If you're partnered up, you'll have a newfound awareness about your union. Additionally, it will be all too clear how your partner feels concerning this information. Don't worry -- there's no indication that it's anything threatening. At the same time however, you'll both need to be willing to accept the depth of the current situation. In the end, it'll be your choice whether or not it draws you even closer, or becomes the catalyst for one of you to start building a wall of protection.

Fortunately, your ruling planet, Venus, will enter your message sector on May 7, allowing you to broach even the most sensitive conversations with tact. Venus remains here until June 5, so it'll be a great time to make decisions with your lover concerning your relationship and/or finances. Expect a magnificent day of romance on May 16 when Venus embraces Neptune. If single, this will be a perfect first date -- you'll be enchanted with whomever you meet.

A New Moon on May 18 will fall in your sign, making it extra special. This is your once-in-a-year personal lunation that's all about setting intentions relating to what you want to manifest over the coming year. If being in a relationship happens to be on the list, now is your time to plant seeds and take steps that will put you in a stronger position to cultivate new love.

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