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Virgo Horoscope: May 2015

At its peak

If you receive a phone call from a sibling near May 3, don't be surprised if you have to talk him or her down from an extreme emotional reaction to a personal matter he or she is struggling with. Be the voice of reason as much as you can -- while also helping provide a strategic plan for overcoming whatever problem your brother or sister feels is insurmountable.

Your social life has divine potential between May 7 and June 5. If you're single, this will be a time to attend more parties, events or nights out with pals. The opportunity to meet someone in a romantic context will be strong. This will also be a great time to date someone you meet off the Internet or a dating app. Go for it!

Career is the real news this month, however. On May 11 and until June 24, you'll have an extraordinary push from the universe to help you achieve whatever goals you set for yourself professionally. This will be the time to reach for a promotion, start a new business or do anything that requires a bold, gutsy approach in your career. You'll also notice a few setbacks between May 18 and June 11, but if you view this as an opportunity to polish up your strategy instead, your success potential will be even greater.

After May 18 you might also have an opportunity to travel abroad or begin studying for an advanced degree or certification. Go for it!