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Pisces Horoscope: May 2016

Tread lightly

What you say and how you say it matters more than usual this month. Mercury will be retrograde in your message sector until May 22. As a result, your words have extra meaning. Although it's true that if you're not careful, you can miscommunicate more easily, at the same time this will be a vital month to rearrange those thoughts inside your head. Rid yourself of any patterns that are not serving your highest good and make a commitment to fill your mind with ideas and plans that will create a greater sense of meaning and purpose to your life.

After the beautiful New Moon on May 6, you'll have an extraordinary ability to begin at least one new communications-related project that you've been mulling over for way too long. Go ahead and begin -- there is amazing cosmic support! The only thing you'll need to be mindful of is not signing brand new contracts until after Mercury regulates his orbit on May 22.

In other news, a Full Moon in your career sector on May 21 might lead to an emotional turning point professionally. You may hear news that a superior is leaving his or her position. Or, it's possible that you'll be in the spotlight for an achievement.

Venus enters your family sector on May 24, and until June 17 you can anticipate extra blessings from relatives and peace on the home front.

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