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May 2017 Love Horoscope

Hearts and minds unite

Once Mercury turns direct on May 3, you and your sweetheart will be able to iron out any recent communication difficulties. If you've had a decision to make together that you couldn't seem to agree on, now you'll finally be able to reach a workable compromise.

On May 10 a Full Moon in Scorpio leaves you emotionally in touch with the depth of your feelings for each other. You might recognize that you are more attached to your lover than you realized, but thanks to the gorgeous aspects of this lunation, you won't need to worry that it's an unhealthy attachment.

On May 25 a New Moon in Gemini encourages intellectual pursuits. You might be interested in your partner's mind and what he or she truly has to offer your brain. Share ideas, learn from each other ... and watch your romance blossom.

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