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Aquarius Horoscope: May 2017

Ready to rock

Communications have likely been a mess for you lately. Mercury has been retrograde since last month, and for most of his retrograde he toured your message sector. This may have resulted in several botch-ups connected to conversations, meetings, and travel, or other delays in contracts, negotiations, and writing endeavors. Happily, after May 3 you'll begin to see the chaos settle as Mercury turns direct. In fact, looking back on the mishaps of the last few weeks you might even realize that they were a blessing in disguise. By slowing down the pace of communications matters in your world you've likely caught a few mistakes or realized that there is a better way to present information. Now, you're armed to do your best speaking, teaching, writing, and negotiating.

Professionally, you might reach a high point near May 10. In fact, you may be in the spotlight for a career achievement and receive an honor or award. Either way, your reputation will be highlighted and others will surely notice you. In some cases, this might be a pinnacle of achievement. You've earned it!

If single, your love life will become a breath of fresh air after May 25. There's a possibility that two people will show an interest in you simultaneously. What an enviable position to be in! The person who wins out, however, will not only stir your heart, he or she will intrigue your mind.

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