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Cancer Horoscope: May 2017

The time is right

Any confusion regarding your professional goals will begin to sort out after May 3. You might have been second guessing yourself in many ways: how you've been communicating with your boss, for example. Another possibility is that you want to pitch an idea or vital project but have been met with hiccups along the way. See this as a blessing because the timing has not been right. Had you gone ahead with your presentation, it might not have had the effect you intended. This month, however, you'll have a green light to move forward in all matters of communication and decision that will help you get ahead.

On May 10 you might hear fulfilling news about one of your children. This can be anything from finding out your child has been accepted into a dream school to learning that your child has reached a fabulous personal milestone. Of course, much depends on the age of your children. Another possibility is that the Full Moon on this day will ignite deeper passion between you and your lover. You're emotionally open and willing to be vulnerable now, which will certainly help to foster intimacy.

Expect your social life to become hectic after May 16. In fact, through June 6 you'll need to carefully manage your calendar to ensure you don't lose track of important obligations. Time with friends will be intellectually stimulating and fun. Still, carve out a bit of alone time near May 25 if possible. The need for privacy will be strong.

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