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Capricorn Horoscope: May 2017

Safe at home

Your domestic life will begin to make sense again after May 3. It's possible that you've been struggling with a significant misunderstanding between you and a relative over the last couple of weeks. Another possibility is that you and your family have not been able to agree on much lately, making it difficult for all of you to simply share the same space. Thankfully, this temporary bump will settle down as the month begins. All decisions connected to home and family life will happen smoothly by mid-month.

If you've been working on a website or other technology-related project, it might be ready to launch near May 10. You'll be intensely focused on this endeavor and will likely have put a great deal of resources into it. As far as you're concerned, failure is not an option. The universe agrees. Another possibility is that you'll be asked to take on a deeper, more meaningful role in a group you're a part of. You'll be honored.

In other news, your love life will become much more intellectually stimulating after the May 16. Be sure to schedule a first date with someone you're interested in getting to know better. You're likely to talk for hours on end!

Finally, if you're looking for new work or extra freelance assignments, pay attention to the opportunities that surface after May 25. You might receive multiple offers.

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