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Leo Horoscope: May 2017

The walls are coming down

If you've been having trouble studying or learning new information lately, you'll be glad to know that this month you'll get back on track with all of your mental pursuits. On May 3 Mercury will turn direct after having been retrograde since last month. In your case, the last couple of weeks might have proved trickier than usual if there is an exam or advanced degree you're studying for. You might have hired a tutor or gone to study sessions with other students to help you work through any blocks in retaining difficult subject matter. Fortunately, this month will begin and it'll feel as if the barriers to learning are melting away.

In other news, your home and family life should feel extra gratifying near May 10. A Full Moon in your domestic sector might bring emotional news about a relative, but if this happens it's likely to be positive. You might have an opportunity to emotionally bond with a family member in a way that deepens your relationship in the most incredible way. Or, if you have plans to move, you might be finalizing them now.

From May 16-June 6 your mind will be on your career. You might interview with leaders in your field in order to share ideas. This will be a positive time for any communications-related endeavors that will help you get ahead. If you sign a contract during this time, expect it to help elevate your status in some capacity.

Innovative social opportunities will open up after May 25. Consider taking on a role in a new group or organization. Intellectually stimulating friendships are on the horizon.

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