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Libra Horoscope: May 2017

Cooperation and compromise

If you and your partner have been unable to communicate effectively lately, this month you'll be glad to know that a change is in the air. On May 3 Mercury will turn direct in your relationship sector after having been retrograde since last month. Listening and truly hearing one another will once again be possible. If you've been at a stalemate regarding a significant decision you needed to make together, you'll find the ability to compromise much easier as the month wears on. In terms of business, any miscommunication between you and a partner or client will also find resolution now, much to your relief.

On May 10 a Full Moon in your earned income sector will highlight finances. There's a strong possibility that this Full Moon will allow you to cash in on something you've been working toward. You might, for example, sell one of your possessions such as a home, car, or piece of jewelry. You'll likely receive a better payout for this item than you originally anticipated.

Your next order of business will be to decide what to do with this extra cash. Thankfully, after May 16 and through June 6 Mercury will move through your 8th House of Joint Finances, allowing you to make wise investment decisions. Your spouse or partner might be especially helpful to you in this regard.

On May 25 a New Moon will fall in your 9th House of Mind Expansion. It's time to broaden your horizons either through travel or a new learning experience.

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