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Sagittarius Horoscope: May 2017

Energy is flowing again

If you've been confused about a decision connected to one of your children or your love life, you'll be glad to know that clarity is on the way. In fact, on May 3 Mercury will turn direct after having been retrograde since last month. This will help you figure out what the next best move is in one or both of these areas. Also, if you've been creatively blocked, you'll notice that your imagination is once again flowing, allowing you to make real progress in an artistic pursuit.

You might require more privacy than usual near May 10, and if so, you should certainly honor it. This is a signal from the universe that it's time to recharge your spiritual batteries and nourish yourself from the inside out. This can be achieved in a myriad of ways, but the one common thread is that you'll need solitude in order to accomplish it. Don't cheat yourself out of this valuable and healing opportunity.

From May 16 to June 6 you might find yourself busier than usual with work assignments. Avoid office gossip during this time since it might be easier for you to get caught up in it. Productivity, however, should be high.

Finally, the month ends on a bright note concerning relationships. On May 25 a New Moon will fall in your partnership sector. You might decide it's time to commit to someone you've been dating. If you're already attached, expect a new dimension in your relationship. This will also be an ideal time to take on a business partner or new clients. More than one opportunity is likely to surface.

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