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Scorpio Horoscope: May 2017

Working towards wellness

You might be tired of revising work assignments as May begins. If so, take heart: your projects are almost perfectly polished and ready for execution. You'll notice this after May 3 when Mercury turns direct in your work sector, allowing you to hand in your work with total confidence. Also, if you and a coworker have been experiencing any miscommunication lately, you'll be able to patch things up and find common ground.

Another possibility is that after May 3 you'll have more clarity regarding a decision connected to your health. This might have to do with a certain protocol you're meant to follow, but it might also be about an actual diagnosis. Getting a second opinion would be helpful in this regard.

Your attention will turn to your emotional well-being near the Full Moon on May 10. You're likely to feel more emotionally fulfilled in your personal relationship, and might even find yourself extra possessive or attached to your mate. In business, you and a partner are likely to be ready to join forces with an "all or nothing" approach. Either way, partners are seeing your truest colors now; you won't mind one bit.

Communication with partners will be phenomenal from May 16-June 6. Now is the time to make progress in any contract or negotiation connected to your business or personal life.

A promising New Moon on May 25 points to new investment opportunities. Most likely, there will be more than one.

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