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May 2018 Horoscope: Prepare for a Great Awakening

Read your monthly horoscope for May 2018

There's no doubt about it: this month will rock massive changes in your world. There will be a seesaw of conflicting energies at play where, on the one hand, you want to create stability in your life. On the other hand, however, you also know that the only way to do this is by completely wrecking whatever existing stability you have -- or thought you had.

Life will begin to change at a rapid pace on May 15. A New Moon in security-minded Taurus will offer an opportunity for you to pave a fresh coat of cement on what you hope will be steady ground in your life. You want financial security and physical security, and with this lunation you can put a plan into action that will allow you to achieve it.

The major cosmic monkey wrench, however, is Uranus. On the very same day, for the first time in 84 years, this planet of revolution, liberation, instability, and sudden change will move into Taurus. How on Earth can you be expected to create any kind of stability when Uranus is now in Taurus? It might seem like a complete oxymoron, and in some ways it is. The truth of the matter is that during the brief shift of Uranus into Taurus from now through November 6, you will clearly begin to understand what has to fall away in your life in order to ultimately build a brave new world for yourself in terms of all things Taurean: money, values, talents, physical matters. These areas of life will be in a state of flux, combined with the knowledge that a brand-new start is on the horizon.

The best way to handle this unsteady configuration is to take a deep breath, pull off your shoes, and go play in the dirt (connect with nature on the Taurus level) so that you can calm yourself enough to embrace the changes that are about to happen. Garden. Walk in the park. Hike in the woods. Anything that connects you to nature will help you. You need this now.

Mars enters Aquarius on May 16. The planet of motivation and ambition is now focused on higher ideals, humanitarian concerns, and group endeavors. Know that whatever you begin now will come up for a review during Mars Retrograde, which starts next month on June 26. Act accordingly.

Lastly, a Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 29 will help you gain a broader perspective on the big picture. What really matters will become keenly obvious to you now. So will your role in making it happen.

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