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May 2018 Love Horoscope

All new ways to love

Rare is special. The uncommon suggests that something incredible is about to occur. This month, you can anticipate a pivotal cosmic shift that is exceptional, exciting, and a little bit unsettling all at once. It will have profound implications on your love life, your sex life, and the value you place on the physical trappings of our human experience. In a nutshell, this shift is all about Uranus moving into Taurus.

On May 15 and through November 6, we'll enjoy a taste of what the planet of eccentricity and revolution is capable of when he travels through the most physical, grounded, and practical sign of all: Taurus. In terms of your love life, you might start to feel much more interested in pursuing ways to free your physical body from whatever constraints it has felt lately. Seeking physical gratification in new ways is a definite possibility, whether this is with a new person or an entirely different way of pursuing pleasure. You might also seek to revolutionize what you are willing to offer others in relationship as it pertains to your physical and material resources.

Interestingly enough, Mars will shift into Aquarius the next day on May 16. This supports a desire to pursue unusual ways of getting your needs met. As you can see, there is a decided theme in May. You're tired of being stuck in a stale situation that brings security at the price of boredom. It's time to shake things up. You're ready.

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