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Pisces Horoscope: May 2018

Radical thoughts

Your mind is about to buzz with thoughts and ideas that surprise you. The biggest shock? You'll want to act on them immediately. A New Moon in your communication sector will occur on May 15, making it a forward movement time in terms of negotiating contracts and other agreements. There is a twist to this energy, however, and his name is Uranus. On the same day as this lunation, the planet of liberation and eccentricity will also touch your message sector, and will give you a taste of the changes to come through November 6. Then in 2019, Uranus will be back to completely revolutionize your mental patterns.

For this month, however, you'll feel a significant jolt as it relates to your thought process. Your mind will feel caffeinated and as a result, you might spill out words and ideas in excitement without completely thinking things through. Fortunately, this doesn't appear to work against you -- at least not in May. Other people are likely to be quite receptive to your ingenious plans and a group of your friends or social contacts might even be ready to help you implement one of these visionary ideas.

You might also take a spontaneous trip this month, and if you do, you'll truly enjoy the experiences you have. It's likely to be an unusual location, or you might have to make unusual travel arrangements. This might even be a surprise trip you and your siblings go on together.

Romance will also be a source of pleasure for you in May. On the 19th, Venus moves into your true love sector where she remains through June 13. You and your sweetheart will enjoy nurturing each other in every way possible. Single? You might meet someone through a family member's introduction or at your favorite restaurant. Yum!

The Full Moon on May 29 in your career sector might give you spotlight attention for a professional achievement. Any honor you receive now will be one you hold dear to your heart.

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