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Scorpio Horoscope: May 2018

Relationship revolution

Are you feeling stuck in a relationship rut? Have you and your partner become so caught up in your routines that you're both completely asleep at the wheel when it comes to nurturing the romance, passion, and excitement in your love connection? If so, it's time for a change. There's no point trying to resist it either, Scorpio, because ready or not, here it comes. This month there will be a monumental shift in the cosmic sky that just might turn your relationship upside down. Some might call it an earthquake. Others, a revolution. Either way, it's Uranus.

This planet of instability, excitement, and sudden developments will move through your relationship sector from May 15 through November 6, giving you a sneak peek into the massive changes your marriage or committed partnership is likely to experience once Uranus takes up a more permanent residency (at least for several years) in your 7th house, starting in 2019.

You might grow so tired of the way things are between you and your partner that one or both of you demand to become unchained from the restrictions of your union. One of you might decide to step out of the marriage or commitment into the arms of another person. Or, it's possible that you'll just decide to take a break from each other and agree to a trial separation. If things have been truly impossible, then Uranus in the 7th house might very well signal the end of your marriage.

On the flip side, however, if you are dating someone special, it's possible that you'll make a sudden decision to commit to each other. Las Vegas wedding anyone? A New Moon in your partnership sector on the same day that Uranus enters it will guarantee a new path in one way or another.

Your home and family life might also endure a bit of tension this month. On May 16 Mars will move into your domestic 4th house and won't be leaving any time soon. His upcoming retrograde over the summer will have him firmly planted in this part of your chart until November 15. Yikes! That's a long time to have to navigate a home environment that resembles a war zone, so you might want to do what you can to direct the Martian energies of conflict and war elsewhere. A home renovation project will do the trick. Hopefully. If not, the problems at home are most likely related to the conflict between you and your mate. Remember the big picture Scorpio: sometimes everything needs to fall apart so that something better can fall together. May could very well be your "Tower" moment. You might not see what's around the corner just yet, but if you keep walking, eventually, you'll get there.

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