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November 2012 Horoscope

Shocks and Surprises

November always starts with some emotional intensity, as the Sun is in steamy Scorpio until November 21. This month, though, rolls with even more complexity than usual as amorous Venus opposes electric Uranus on November 1 and squares provocative Pluto on November 3. The sweet love planet is in for quite a ride as we find values, attractions, rewards and relationships turned upside down and inside out with shocks, surprises, mistrust, manipulation and general craziness. Breakthroughs in romance are possible, but staying cool in the middle of this emotional maelstrom may not be easy.

The road gets even more complex when mental Mercury turns retrograde on November 6. The messenger planet's reversal period lasts until November 26, complicating communications and messing with travel and technology. This backward period is a time to tie up loose ends and reconnect with people from the past. Paying special attention to critical details will sharpen thinking and reduces the likelihood for confusion.

On November 13, the New Moon in Scorpio concentrates thoughts and emotions into one tight ball of fear or desire. Fortunately, if we are doubtful about ourselves or the world around us, the passion and power of this lunation can provide the will needed to overcome almost any obstacle. Patience, persistence and courage are keys to making this magic happen. Be careful of heading off into fantasyland, though, because Mercury Retrograde squares dreamy Neptune and then backs into Scorpio on November 13, allowing emotions to overtake intellect.

Productivity should increase when active Mars enters responsible Capricorn on November 16. The efficiency and dedication of this combination should help to put feet back on the ground. Yet we may see an explosive side of the warrior planet later in the month, when Mars forms a stressful square with independent Uranus on November 23 and a conjunction with potent Pluto on November 27.

The upsides of these forceful transits include originality and the strong commitment to cut waste and clutter. More playful tunes are heard with the Sun's entry into optimistic and fiery Sagittarius on November 21, and a solar square to Neptune on the same day. This is inspiring and imaginative, although not entire realistic.

Seduction comes to the foreground when alluring Venus enters Scorpio on November 21. Secrecy and jealousy are potential pitfalls, but a deeper examination of desire and relationships enriches awareness of our most intimate needs. Charming Venus plays for keeps in Scorpio, and her conjunction with controlling Saturn on November 26 underscores the seriousness of relationships and resource issues at this time.

There is some relief with a lighthearted Gemini Full Moon on November 28. This adaptable air sign is open to alternatives and able to enjoy the moment by ignoring deeper issues and long-term consequences. An opposition to the Sun in judgmental Sagittarius can trigger plenty of discussion, but the question is whether all these words bring us closer to the truth or serve as smokescreens to obscure it.