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November 2012 Career Horoscope

Setting a Strategy

November's key event is communicative Mercury's retrograde cycle, which lasts from November 6-26. This reversal period is one that requires more care when dealing with details. Messages are often misunderstood, especially while Mercury is in optimistic Sagittarius until November 14. Then Mercury backs up into scrutinizing Scorpio, which is useful for reassessing professional relationships and reviewing financial matters.

The critical question in any working alliance is whether you're getting back as much as you put into it. You can ask the same question about your current job and career choice. In spite of the investments of time and energy that have been made, it's worthwhile to take a fresh look at the situation, and perhaps even consider a major change. Just don't act hastily. Gathering data and carefully assessing it can turn the messiness of a Mercury Retrograde period into a valuable time for professional insights.

A counter-trend starts with active Mars' entry into productive Capricorn on November 16. Even if Mercury Retrograde muddles messages and delays responses to important questions, Mars' presence in this practical Earth sign is excellent for setting a strategy and taking constructive steps to execute it.

On November 21, sociable Venus enters skeptical Scorpio, where it can complicate working relationships with jealousy and mistrust. But this transit also deepens our perceptions of worth, enabling us to find value and resources in unexpected places.