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November 2012 Love Horoscope

All or Nothing

Love issues tend to be intense with the Sun in passionate Scorpio, as it is until November 21. The fixed Water sign goes to extremes by coming on strong sometimes and remaining silent and distant at others. The inclination to want all or nothing continues when the Sun moves into Sagittarius on November 21, because that's when romantic Venus enters Scorpio. Jealousy and suspicion are its downsides, but a more profound look at what we need and don't need can produce emotional clarity.

The month starts with lovely Venus in her harmony-seeking home sign, Libra, which usually signals a higher degree of graciousness, charm and compatibility. However, on November 1, innocent Venus slams into an opposition with unpredictable Uranus that can shake social plans and rattle relationships. Breaking free of boring situations and taking risks in pursuit of pleasure are possible benefits.

Pressure continues to build the next day when Venus forms a stressful square with provocative Pluto that can undermine trust. Desires may feel so strong that we lose faith in fulfilling them. Yet the message of Pluto is to eliminate people, activities and attitudes that prevent love from flowing. The realization that something has to be given up so that something better will be gained is a valuable one.

Assertive Mars' square with Uranus on November 23 urges independence, freedom and experimentation. Yet Venus' conjunction with restrictive Saturn on November 26 and Mars' union with Pluto on November 27 temporarily put up barriers to change. Happily, the jaunty Gemini Full Moon on November 28 lightens the atmosphere, encourages flexibility and reminds us that there are options in even the most challenging situations.