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November 2012 Aquarius Horoscope

Listen to Your Heart

Your mind may be wrapped around professional issues for much of this month, but it's really your heart that could win out in the end. The emotionally powerful Scorpio Sun in your 10th House of Career stresses you out at work until November 21. Managing those below you or dealing with control from those above provokes you to look more deeply at your current position.

The Scorpio New Moon on November 13 is a Solar Eclipse that reminds you to invest more of yourself where you are -- or look elsewhere for fulfillment on the job. You can't continue to drive yourself ahead on sheer will unless your inner commitment matches your external obligations.

The dominance of intellect may also recede when cerebral Mercury is retrograde on November 6-26. The communication planet begins this period of reevaluation in your team-oriented 11th House, and ends it in your individually responsible 10th House, which could reveal those areas where a lack of support from colleagues increases the burden on you.

You enjoy some much-needed relief from professional pressures when delightful Venus in Libra creates a sweet trine with indulgent Jupiter in Gemini on November 9. This harmonious connection between two social planets can brighten relationships and inspire romance. While you're likely to have a good time -- even if reality falls short of your expectations -- a joyous vision can also lift your spirits.

On November 28, the Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your 5th House of Love challenges you to stop playing around the edges of desire and finally make a choice that should be worth much more than you have to give up in return.

Keep in Mind this Month

Persistence is only useful if it's moving you toward a better place. Don't just hold on out of habit or fear.

Key Dates for Aquarius

November 9-11: The Call of the Wild

A trine from attractive Venus in your 9th House of Faraway Places to adventurous Jupiter broadens your romantic horizons on November 9. There is a spirit of open-mindedness that embraces intimate feelings in spite of any differences of opinion. The need to reassert your independence, though, arises with an edgy Sun-Uranus aspect on November 11 that can arouse conflict with authority figures. Nevertheless, innovation and originality may help you blast through barriers or boredom or inefficiency.


November 22-23: Paradise Lost

There's a distinct energetic shift during these two days as November 22 is dominated by the sweet sensitivity, imagination and compassion of Neptune. This dreamy planet's square to the Sun in your 11th House of Groups can evoke promises from friends or colleagues that are based more on hope than reality. However, an enchanting Venus-Neptune trine distracts you with visions of pleasure beyond measure. If you're charmed into pursuing an illusion, you're likely to wake with a start on November 23 when combative Mars crashes into a volatile square with uncooperative Uranus. The open acceptance you felt yesterday gives way to impatience and anger. These feelings may appear destructive, but they give you the impetus you need to clear the air.