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Aquarius November 2012 Career Horoscope


Responsibilities could weigh heavily on your shoulders with the Sun in your 10th House of Career until November 21. This solar transit in passionate Scorpio can melt the cool side of your personality and allow emotions to overcome reason. This can be helpful, though, if you use your feelings to tune into others, which will make you to be a better leader.

But if you're not on a career path that appeals to you, it may be hard to maintain an easygoing attitude. However, a potential positive is that awareness of your needs and desires should become clearer. If you're in the right place, that will provide drive to be at your best, but if you're not discontent can lead you to consider making a significant change.

Value-setting Venus gets November off to a jumpy start with its opposition to your electrifying ruling planet Uranus on November 1. This might trigger original ideas, but it can also increase restlessness and intolerance for difficult people. On November 15, restrictive Saturn aligns in an awkward 150-degree quincunx with Uranus, which can keep you on edge for much of the month. Finding a balance between obligation and independence requires a high degree of flexibility.

This transit, along with mental Mercury's retrograde from November 6-26, reminds you to make minor adjustments instead of major moves. Temporarily adapting to less than ideal circumstances isn't about giving up, it's about being smart. Gather facts, review your recent work history and research areas of interest for possible job or career changes to ensure the best possible outcome.