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Aquarius November 2012 Love Horoscope

Breaking Patterns

November starts off on a high frequency note as love planet Venus runs into an opposition with explosive Uranus on November 1. This can throw a monkey wrench into your plans or signal an unexpected change of mood. You may be feeling restless and bored, but the idea is to use some originality to break your old patterns. Acting, dressing or thinking differently is a good way to wake up your relationship life.

On November 3, Venus forms a tense square with manipulate Pluto that can trigger power struggles. On the plus side, it can challenge you to look more deeply into your heart to clarify your needs and intensify your efforts to fulfill them. Fortunately, you get a breath of fresh air when the Sun enters outgoing Sagittarius and your 11th House of Groups on November 21. Friends and organizations can help connect you with someone new or to put life back into a current relationship.

Being around people who share your beliefs gives you a sense of belonging that raises your comfort level. But aggressive Mars slams into impulsive Uranus on November 23 to trigger some unusual behavior. It's a good time to experiment, but it's not ideal for sticking to a schedule or a plan. If you do go too far or if someone else fails to follow through as expected, you get another chance on November 26. Circumstances are more inviting then, as the Sun aligns in a positive trine with your inventive key planet Uranus, supplying a feeling of freshness that increases your creativity.