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November 2012 Aries Horoscope

Anything can happen

While the pressures of your business and personal relationships are unrelenting, intense cosmic forces this month have the power to turn coal into diamonds. The choice is yours. You can either sell yourself short and give up before you reach your goal, or dig deeply into the shadows of your soul and reaffirm your commitment to growth, excellence, and positive change.

Until November 16, your key planet, Mars, is in hopeful Sagittarius and your 9th House of Big Ideas. Venus in your 7th House of Others attracts unstable relationships on November 1-3 as she activates the epic Uranus-Pluto square that lingers into next year. Meanwhile, bold Mars stirs up a bit of magic as he forms creative quintiles with ethereal Neptune and lovable Venus.

It feels as if your fantasies can overtake reality, but your adventurous plans can unravel during trickster Mercury's retrograde phase November 6-26. Additionally, an intense Scorpio New Moon Eclipse in your 8th House of Transformation on November 13 is a further indication that you must let go of self-limiting assumptions if you truly want to succeed.

You grow increasingly ambitious once Mars enters industrious Capricorn and your 10th House of Career on November 16, but you might face unexpected reactions to your impetuous behavior on November 23-27, when Mars aspects Uranus, Saturn and Pluto. If you stand up for your beliefs, the transitional Gemini Full Moon Eclipse on November 28 marks a culmination of your hard work and brings signs of welcome relief.

Keep in Mind this Month

You cannot judge your success by external events. It's more important to consider your emotional and spiritual growth than what's occurring in the material world.

Key Dates for Aries


November 13-17: Dark Side of the Moon

You reach a turning point when the powerful Scorpio New Moon Eclipse on November 13 sets the stage for dramatic changes. Retrograde Mercury in your 9th House of Future Vision is arguing with confused Neptune, making it difficult to solidify plans. Clarity returns when the communication planet backs into perceptive Scorpio on November 14. Unfortunately, having accurate data doesn't mean that you'll choose a sensible course of action, because authoritative Saturn forms a shaky quincunx with unruly Uranus on November 15. Luckily, you gain objectivity and direction when energetic Mars enters calculating Capricorn the next day. A supportive Mars-Neptune sextile on November 17 allows you to be practical without losing touch with your dreams.

November 26-29: Instant Karma

An odd mixture of strategic planning, impulsive reactions and unfolding melodrama can affect your job and your pocketbook as Mercury turns direct on November 26, Mars joins suspicious Pluto on November 27, and the Gemini Full Moon Eclipse rattles your 3rd House of Communication on November 28. Stand firm in your convictions; if you face reality when resourceful Venus conjuncts Saturn on November 26, you'll be supported when she sextiles Mars and Pluto on November 28-29.