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Cancer November 2012 Love Horoscope

Pursuing Pleasure with Purpose

Your romantic life could get steamy this month with the sexy Scorpio Sun in your 5th House of Amour until November 21. This powerful solar force increases your confidence and encourages you to pursue pleasure with a greater sense of purpose. Yet even though Scorpio is powerful, it's also subtle, which suits you well. You don't have to dance on tables to get the attention you desire -- you simply need to send small signals that show your interest.

But this is about more than seduction; it's about you opening up your heart to play, create, express yourself and just have fun. Sure, spicing up your sex life is one way to do this but it's not the only one. Making sure you entertain yourself is a great way to bring on more joy. You get a push in that direction with the Last Quarter lunar square to the Sun on November 6. The Moon will be in Leo then, energizing your 2nd House of Self-Worth with a flashier look and bolder attitude. Taking risks is a key to attaining the rewards that you seek.

You get another shot in the arm with the Scorpio New Moon on November 13 that helps you realize how desirable you are, and if you don't feel especially appealing to others, it can provoke you to make changes of appearance, attitude and approach to improve your image. On November 21st, alluring Venus enters Scorpio, adding even more magnetism to your personality. Use your power of your charms carefully, especially on November 26, when Venus joins restrictive Saturn.