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Capricorn November 2012 Career Horoscope

Practice Patience

Teamwork can make a significant difference in the quality of your work life this month. The Sun in passionate Scorpio occupies your 11th House of Groups until November 21, arousing strong emotions with colleagues. Fortunately, you're very good at handling volatile situations when they are about others' issues. This adds to your skills as a leader or manager. Yet if you feel directly challenged, keeping cool emotionally could be the key to producing a positive outcome.

You get a big boost of energy when active Mars enters your sign on November 16. While this adds to your drive and your ambition, it can make it difficult to be patient. You could push yourself too hard and allow competitive feelings to put stress on relationships. Use this force to get yourself in the best physical shape possible, and aim toward long-term results to advance incrementally instead of acting hastily.

Assertive Mars makes three strong aspects that are likely to increase intensity in the latter part of November. Its square with explosive Uranus on November 23 could produce impulsive or radical behavior. Innovation is the upside of this transit, and it works best when you're flexible rather than forceful. Order and reason are restored the following day when Mars aligns favorably with your responsible ruling planet Saturn.

Sociable Venus' conjunction with serious Saturn on November 26 is a time of restraint. If you feel underappreciated, avoid seeking a quick fix but work slowly to earn the respect you deserve. On November 27, Mars joins potent Pluto, providing concentration to help turn around even the most challenging situation.