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Capricorn November 2012 Love Horoscope

Make a Fresh Start

Friends could play key roles in your relationship life this month. November rolls in with the steamy Scorpio Sun in your 11th House of Groups, where being part of a team can bring more love into your life. Connecting to someone through an organization is possible, but this transit can also put more life in an existing relationship when you work for a cause in which you both believe.

A major shift occurs on November 16, when passionate Mars enters Capricorn. This active planet in your sign pumps up your energy and motivates you to take the initiative. It's excellent for making a fresh start by getting in better shape or beginning other self-improvement projects. Mars' slick aspect with imaginative Neptune adds a tender touch that lets you come on strong in a very sweet and tender way on November 17.

The latter part of November is complicated, and it works best when you're in control of your emotions. Mars runs into a stressful square with explosive Uranus on November 23 that can spring surprises, stoke up restlessness and provoke reckless behavior. The upside of this electrifying event is that it can enable you to break free of old inhibitions and express yourself more openly.

November 25 is an intense day, with amorous Venus joining stern Saturn, your ruling planet. This could feel like hitting a wall or being unappreciated. However, it should help clarify your needs. Mars' conjunction to potent Pluto the following day will provide the will to walk away from what doesn't work and the power to overcome obstacles so you can go after who and what you do want.