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Gemini November 2012 Career Horoscope

Double-check the Details

Do not, I repeat, do not press forward on a professional project this month if you haven't double- and triple-checked details. That's because your brainy ruling planet Mercury turns retrograde on November 6, and it will backpedal through the zodiac until November 26. This three-week cycle increases the likelihood of problems due to miscommunication and unreliable data.

Mercury begins its reversal in your 7th House of Partners and Agreements, putting contracts and expectations in jeopardy. This doesn't mean you need to pull the plug on a deal or a potential opportunity. It's just about the need to go over every detail with a more critical eye. Big promises made by or given by others may fall short of expectations, so it's better to analyze and reassess before pressing ahead. Confidentiality is vital, too, because rumors and gossip can undermine trust.

On November 21, the Sun will emerge from your 6th House of Service (which can feel like slavery if you're not happy with your job) and moves above the horizon in your chart. This can open the door to new people and opportunities. It can also embolden you to reach out to sell yourself or your ideas with greater confidence. Yet it's important to advance with caution until Mercury turns direct on November 26. Even then, the wheels of change may move slowly until your key planet reenters Sagittarius and your public 7th House on December 10. Your ability to make a lasting impression, present a new project and to gain the support of effective allies will increase then.