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November 2012 Libra Horoscope

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

Pay careful attention to your finances this month, with the Sun in probing Scorpio and your 2nd House of Self-Worth until November 21. Trickster Mercury in carefree Sagittarius turns retrograde in your 3rd House of Communication on November 6, creating delays and misunderstandings for the next three weeks, while also giving you a chance to recall recent conversations and resolve any lingering differences.

The complex relationship between your self-esteem and your finances is emphasized by the intense Scorpio Solar Eclipse in your 2nd House on November 13. This New Moon Eclipse forms a worrisome semisquare with cryptic Pluto in your 4th House of Foundations, possibly revealing information about your fiscal record keeping that now comes back to haunt you. Nevertheless, resource issues remain in the spotlight as Mercury backs into your 2nd House of Income on November 14.

Meanwhile, austere Saturn is also in your 2nd House of Personal Resources for an extended two-year stay. You may learn of a cash-flow crisis or be forced to reconsider a purchase on November 26, when the taskmaster planet conjuncts with Venus. Fortunately, Mercury's direct turn that same day indicates that consistent efforts to manage your income and stabilize your expenditures can prevent these issues from getting out of hand.

You begin to shift your focus away from current problems and toward the bright future that is beckoning with the curious Gemini Lunar Eclipse in your 9th House of Adventure on November 28. This Full Moon Eclipse is conjunct visionary Jupiter, inspiring you to see the potential that's ahead of you rather than the troubles that are now in the past.

Keep in Mind this Month

The future is not written in stone. Don't just worry about tomorrow's challenges: Do something proactive before they manifest.

Key Dates for Libra

November 9: The Sky's the Limit

Today you're attracted to anything that takes you far from where you are, whether you're traveling via airplane or your mind, with visionary Jupiter visiting your 9th House of Higher Education and Long Journeys. And a Venus-Jupiter trine is a sweet aspect that offers an especially wonderful opportunity while Venus is in harmonious Libra. Don't be afraid to dream big, stretch yourself, and live as if you will assuredly reach the stars.


November 13-17: The Force Is with You

The impassioned Scorpio Solar Eclipse on November 13 can be a rude awakening, as buried emotions bubble up into awareness. Miscommunication can create an awkward moment when retrograde Mercury squares imprecise Neptune. Someone's sense of freedom can clash with your need for order when irrepressible Uranus forms a disquieting quincunx with structured Saturn on November 15. On November 16, enthusiastic Mars enters entrepreneurial Capricorn and your 4th House of Foundations, giving you the energy to start a new project from the ground up. Don't be afraid to follow a hunch, for a Mars-Neptune sextile on November 17 activates your intuition and empowers you to use your dreams as a tool for navigation.