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Pisces November 2012 Love Horoscope

Let Go and Grow

Your emotions are strong this month because November starts with the Sun in sister water sign Scorpio. The intense feelings it evokes raise your own level of sensitivity, as well. This creates a kind of alertness that tunes up your intuition and can help you make good choices based on your gut instincts. But there is also a risk that you will hold on to a situation that isn't healthy for you with the Sun in tenacious Scorpio. Letting go is sometimes the only way to grow, so don't let an excessive sense of loyalty stop from making changes if that's what you need.

Communication could be complicated this month with the messenger planet Mercury's retrograde period of November 6-26. This is a good opportunity to tie up loose ends, but getting new relationships off the ground may be more challenging. Take plenty of time to get to know someone before investing too much of yourself into the situation.

There's some magic in the air on November 21 and 22, when the Sun and Venus, the love planet, connect with dreamy Neptune. This can be super romantic and tender, yet there is some concern about whether what you're feeling is real or not. Check out what's in your heart by using your head. Ask questions and think things through carefully instead of allowing emotions to totally control your actions. Saying no to someone else on November 25 is a good way to say yes to yourself.