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Sagittarius November 2012 Career Horoscope

Think Before You Speak

This is a somewhat strange month, because there's a forward shift on November 21, when the Sun enters your enthusiastic sign. In principle, that's great for being more energetic, visible and influential. Prior to that the Sun is in your private 12th House of Secrets, where you tend to stay out of the spotlight. Yet November opens with chatty Mercury in your sign, which encourages you to express yourself more openly, boldly and honestly.

The trick is, Mercury turns retrograde on November 6. This backward turn can complicate communication, as messages are missed or misinterpreted. Your confidence in the ideas Mercury in Sagittarius usually brings can either be reduced as you question yourself about them, or it can be overstated. In any case, the point is to think twice (or more) before expressing new concepts or making any kind of sales pitch. If you're more thoughtful and listen at least as much as you speak, you will earn trust and reduce mistakes.

Mercury backs into Scorpio on November 14, and there it colors your thinking with emotions, perhaps bringing up issues from the past. This gives you an opportunity to smooth out old issues, repair wounded work relationships and revive useful ideas you've tried before. Mercury turns forward on November 26, but it won't return to Sagittarius and restore your powers of persuasion until December 10.