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Scorpio November 2012 Career Horoscope

Planning Ahead

November begins with the Sun in your powerful sign, which can be useful for increasing your self-awareness and recognizing your assets and liabilities. If you find faults, don't get down on yourself, but start to take steps to fix them. This isn't an overnight process, but one that requires patience and persistence. Small but consistent progress will take you much further than trying to advance too quickly.

Still, the Sun in your 1st House of Personality adds drive and tends to make you more persuasive. This is useful as long as you advance your interests in a modest low-key way. The reason is that verbal Mercury is retrograde from November 6-26. Trying to push new ideas may be more confusing than inspiring. Progress can be made as long as you carefully prepare for what you say and do and then express yourself with precision.

Financial opportunities you thought were lost could resurface. You may discover that times have changed or that a different approach to an old situation might become profitable. November 13 can be a turning point, because that's the day of the New Moon in your sign. While this sometimes signals a fresh start or a time to initiate healthy habits, it's more often a subtle, internal shift that allows you to let go of resentment or fear so that you can look ahead to a more fulfilling career.