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Scorpio November 2012 Love Horoscope

Make a Radical Shift

The Sun's presence in your sign as the month begins is meant to encourage you to be more direct in pursuing happiness. If you're not in a positive place about yourself, making some physical changes will help. Getting in better shape and altering your style will make you more appealing. Sweet Venus runs into a tense aspect with your potent ruling planet Pluto on November 3, which can stir deep waters of suspicion. But it can also push you to make radical shifts in partnership matters if you're not satisfied with your current situation.

The Scorpio New Moon on November 13 is another wave of fresh energy that makes it easier to let go of what's not working so you can make room for something better. Relationships have to change and grow to keep them vibrant and alive, so don't hold on to one out of guilt, fear or shame. Investing emotional and intellectual energy into figuring out what you can do to restore trust and love is much more likely to make you happy in the long run.

The Sun leaves your sign on November 21, but alluring Venus enters Scorpio on the same day. That should allow you to feel more desirable to others. Venus, the goddess of beauty, puts you in a more appealing light when it's in your sign. There may be some frustration on November 26, when Venus conjuncts stern Saturn. Assessing your situation with honesty will supply answers and your persistence to bring more love into your life will eventually produce results.